A few obsessions…

I always really enjoy when bloggers post a few of the things they are currently obsessed with so I thought I would do the same! There really is no unifying theme here other than they are all things I use/eat/see/do on a regular basis and wish I could use/eat/see/do more often. If you know me you’ve probably had to tune me out more than once while I lecture you about the amazing-ness of each of these.

Josie Maran’s Aragan Oil

This stuff is like nectar from the gods. Yea it’s a weird concept- here take this oil, it does magical things to your face, hair, nails, and fine china. I don’t know what makes this any different from olive oil or really any other oil BUT IT IS. I wake up looking tired and dry and gross… a few drops makes me look awake and bright. And kind of like this.

Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese

I mean… does this even need a description? It’s like what I’m pretty sure the baby of awesomeness and perfection tastes like. It’s the main ingredient in the BEST and most addicting macaroni and cheese ever, which literally could only be better if it actually contained crack. That mac n’ cheese recipe was the first one our Fat Kid Posse conquered. The Fat Kid Posse (consisting of Cindy, Ketakee, and Michael) started as a study group during 1L finals… but we spent most of our time discussing food (mainly cheese and various baked goods) and we quickly evolved into just a group of people who appreciated anything heavily caloric. This might explain our grades first year, and our expanded waist lines.

The Fun. Album “Some Nights”

This entire album is just UNBELIEVABLE. Yea, I know that I’m passenger #6,872,545 on that bandwagon. But I don’t care. I tend to be that person who listens to the same song OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. In high school I spent 6 months listening to The Goo Goo Dolls album Dizzy Up The Girl… fine it was closer to 9 months. Yea well this Fun. album may surpass that. I listen to it mostly when I’m studying but since I’m a law student that’s a large majority of my time (ok I’m totally lying, 2Ls don’t study), but I do listen to this album all the time.

Ray Ban Aviators

I got these over Christmas and pretty much wear them everywhere, and the fact that I love them is only partially motivated by the fact that Jen Aniston owns the same pair. They are instant cool and efficiently cover up a significant lack of makeup or allergy abused eyes. Added bonus:  I wear them as I walk to work in Beverly Hills and whenever I walk past Urth Caffe people always do a double-take thinking only someone really famous could be wearing such awesome sunglasses. A paparazzo took my picture once. True story.

American Cinematheque Screenings

I have always had an obsession with old films. For pretty much all of high school the only things I watched were TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and TGIF on ABC (Sabrina The Teenage Witch was AWESOME). The American Cinematheque keeps a slate of film revivals and special screenings going all year round, and with a theater in the heart of Hollywood and one in Santa Monica there’s always something awesome to see! Where else can you go to see a remastered version of Strangers on a Train, see Rudy literally WITH Sean Astin and Jon Favreau (who then invited us all out for drinks), and see My Week with Marilyn followed by a Q&A with Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh?! The work they do with preserving films and doing screenings of hard to find films is just amazing. Plus concessions are reasonably priced. Gotta love a Big Gulp sized Diet Coke for $3.

What are some of your obsessions???

Ok I couldn’t help it… one more Fun. song!


Call me… maybe?

WOW! This week was super busy! I always feel like when finals are approaching there are that many more non-school activities trying to take my attention… or maybe I’m just more receptive to them.

This was a big work out week, I worked out every day and capped off my Lenten promise to run 20 miles per week with 23.5 miles this week! It’s actually amazing how changing up your workout routine (I added 4 Pure Barre classes this week; and 2 6-mile runs around the Rose Bowl) really helps to keep you motivated and interested.

I also finally gave in to Gillian’s nagging to sign up for a race and signed up for my first half marathon! I was really super inspired by my friend Morgan completing her first half marathon with the Hollywood Rock and Roll Half marathon. So January 5th I will be running 13.2 miles through Downtown LA at NIGHT! It feels kind of like a loop hole that it’s over 6 months away… I guess that means I can’t use the “I didn’t have enough time to train” excuse when I give up and start walking at mile 7. Now I just need to get my shin-splints under control.

I also feel like I went out a lot this week, even though I declared that I was going into finals hibernation mode and being a no-fun Sally.

Last Sunday I headed out in WeHo with my friend Ryan. It was his “cheat” day and he was craving some terrible looking fried burrito thing from Fiesta Cantina. I’m always down for some WeHo fun so I tagged along for the promise of a diet coke. We also hit up The Abbey which was RAGING  and Ryan introduced me to their BAKERY. Yes, the arguably most well known gay bar in all the world which caters to a culture that shuns all carbs has a full bakery that’s open until the bar closes. We split a cookie and watched half naked muscle men dance to bumping techno music. It was magical.

Sunday night rage fest in WeHo!!

Tuesday I grabbed drinks at perennial hot spot Father’s Office. Which was definitely an experience and I got to try a few new beers! Unlike Gillian I don’t take pictures of my drinks… nor do I actually remember the names of the beers. But since I was with a beer enthusiast you can trust me that they were pretty good.

Thursday I started early by drinking IN class with my friend Derek. If I haven’t explained it before, USC Law is pretty much like going through undergrad again. But instead of frats providing free booze, the school does. So Derek and I decided to make Employment Law a bit more fun by adding in a bit of liquid courage. I think we shocked our professor with our rate of participation… and giggling. I then went bowling with about a dozen of my closest friends, where I realized that I suck at bowling. But I did get to wear awesome hot pink pants and drink wine that was poured from a single serve plastic bottle.  Pretty much it was the classiest night I’ve had in a while.

My classy single-serve plastic bottle of Sutter Home

Friday I got roped into attending our weekly “Bar Review” which was an after party to the annual USC/UCLA basketball massacre. I’m ok with them beating us in basketball so long as we keep beating them in bar passage rates. USC/UCLA rented out a club in Hollywood called The Agency. The bouncers wore bow ties (awesome) but the club was empty and I was sober so Derek and I left about 30 minutes later and preceded to have a dance party in my car. Lets just say we both should be embarrassed at how well we know this little diddy: 

Saturday was way more low-key, I went to see Titanic 3D with my friends Blanca and Marjorie! It was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Blanca cried with the gay couple sitting next to her and Marjorie and I nerded out over the trailer for one of our company’s upcoming blockbusters. A large part of why it was so great was that I was 9 when Titanic came out the first time and never saw it in theaters… plus Leo is HOT and Kate is gorgeous. No one minds seeing their faces on a 3 story tall screen. It’s always great to see movies like that on the big screen, and while I HATE 3D for movies and think it’s the worst thing to happen to films since smell-o-vision, James Cameron is truly a perfectionist and used it to create depth rather than height on the screen which seriously draws the audience in.

Best part is the company logo at 0:40

Sunday (in addition to family Easter Linner) I got to catch up with my 3 best friends from childhood- Rachel, Rebecca, and Megan. Rachel, Megan and I get to hang out pretty regularly (as in getting our nails done and having lunch like once a month) but Rebecca is currently working at a hospital in Pennsylvania so catching up with her is a rare and delightful treat!! One day soon I’ll do a longer post about these three fabulous ladies, I’ll even include a few childhood pictures. However, due to a minor misunderstanding in 4th grade I don’t have any from that time with Megan’s head still in the picture.

I ended the night with the weekly tradition of watching The Amazing Race and The Good Wife with Gillian and Matty!

A few random things:

I realized that I am definitely never going to be a litigator. In a settlement exercise this week when the plaintiff requested $157,000 in damages…. I countered with $690 out of principle. My professor sighed and said, “you’re going to make this a really long night aren’t you?”

Urth Caffe smoothies and quiche make the best Saturday brunch.

Parents should be banned from sending emails titled “EMERGENCY!!” when they are out of the country. Not cool. I thought my mom had been kidnapped by the IRA and I was going to have to hire Liam Neeson to find her.

Prom: High School v. Law School

In many ways law school is very much like high school. We have lockers, flirt with each other, procrastinate from our work, gossip about each other… usually about who is flirting with whom, have clubs, a designated lunch period, and even a few “gimme” classes.

But probably the biggest reason law school is like high school is prom. Yes that antiquated tradition of inviting a member of the opposite sex to boogey down to a terrible DJ in uncomfortable clothes while trying to figure out if your date is going to kiss you or not. I went to an all girls high school so EVERY event was Sadie Hawkins style… though one time this guy from the local all boys school sent a dozen roses and lilies in a basket to my high school to ask me to his prom. After the event I was voted worst prom date ever and we never spoke again… until his mom called my mom to apologize for the fact that her son didn’t ride home with me in the limo. Yea that was awesome.


My senior prom I asked my friend Greg. He was the best friend of my junior prom date Dave…. who coincidentally also voted me the worst prom date ever, but only after he tried making out with my friend Lisa (date-less) in the bounce house I’d forced my friend Liz’s parents to rent for our after party. It was awesome.

I asked Greg by making a CD of random songs I somehow thought embodied “prom.” None were too notable except the first one which went a little something like this:

(Imagine a nun… my high school principle… sitting in my grey Toyota Corolla listening to this.)

Greg accepted (who wouldn’t) and we prepared for a great night. A limo was ordered. My hair and makeup were done. And everyone’s parents gathered at my best friend Niree’s house for pictures. Then we went off to dance the night away to songs like Nelly Furtado’s  “Promiscuous” and Pussy Cat Doll’s “Buttons” at the Sheraton at Universal Studios under the watchful eye of a bunch of nuns and religion teachers. The after party was spent at my friend Sammi’s house where I had my first drink ever. Sorry mom and dad! But lets be impressed I waited that long. However, I never wanted another shot of sour apple Smirnoff ever again. And that was senior prom.

My best friend Niree and I!

My date Greg and I and some of our other friends!

Then there’s Law School prom.

I attend USC. Known for it’s small class sizes and entitled undergrads. One of the things that small class size does is make us all really excited to get drunk together. Don’t ask me why. It just does.

Law School prom is not nearly as formal as high school… people don’t really take dates unless they are dating someone (rare for busy/nerdy/mildly unattractive law students). And the whole event is based around making sure you don’t need to drive home. Many people rent hotel rooms (strictly forbidden in high school), cabs are booked ahead of time, or people play the “find an overnight buddy” game. Surprisingly very few limos are taken, which is probably because we’re poor law students or just don’t care enough to think about it ahead of time.

Short cocktail dresses are worn instead of longer or fancier dresses like in high school. Though many people do still get their hair and make up done! I went with my friend Kate to Dry Bar in West Hollywood (awesome) and then to Sephora with Kate and Morgan to get our make up done (totally worth it). And off we went!

My date was my roommate Gillian’s best friend from high school- Whitney!! Who did NOT vote me worst prom date ever! Progress!

Law School prom is awesome and people attend for one main reason: open bar. Now despite that people still pregame… or drink excessively in a hotel room. My friend Alain had rented a hotel room so we all showed up there in various states of dress or undress and Whitney, Kate, and I proceeded to drink our way through a lovely bottle of Kettle One and calcium fortified orange juice. (Yea strong bones!)

My gorgeous date Whitney!

Blake and Derek!!

Some of the ladies!

Blake and I playing with some of the props.

After finishing the vodka and juice we went off to dance the night away to songs like Kanye and Jay-Z “N*****s in Paris” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at the Luxe Bel Air under the watchful eye of a bunch of drunk law students and a poor party photographer while playing with various props (mustaches were a huge theme for the night) and glow sticks. Though the night didn’t end with a bounce house it did end with a pretty legit cheese quesodilla and an attempt the next morning to remember the exact sequence of events (an unsuccessful venture).

So how is law prom different from high school prom? Dates? check. Dresses? Check. Nuns? Nope. Booze? Check. Bounce house? Nope. Group pictures? Check.

The only real difference is that this time my date and I will continue to speak afterward instead of pretending like the other was some figment of our imagination our therapist told us to pretend didn’t exist.